Why Louisiana Ain't Mississippi… or Any Place Else! 1 - 2-DVD Set

Why Louisiana Ain't Mississippi… or Any Place Else! 1 - 2-DVD Set

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Why Louisiana Ain't Mississippi… or Any Place Else! - 2-DVD Set

Get ready to go on a storytelling adventure! This exciting new documentary from LPB takes you from one end of our state to the other to show you all of the ways Louisiana is a jewel, not just to those of us that live here, but to the entire world.

Part 1
You can’t talk about Louisiana without talking about water, especially the mighty Mississippi River. It was the life source for many of the Native Americans who inhabited this land for thousands of years before colonization. On this first night, we begin at Louisiana’s beginning, exploring places such as Poverty Point, the swamps of Acadiana and visit the Coushatta Pow-Wow. Plus, the founding of New Orleans, which becomes the port gateway to the New World long before Ellis Island.

Part 2
Napoleon makes the sale of the century. More people come to Louisiana from all parts of the world producing an amazing culture full of talented artists, soulful musicians, bombastic politicians, and some of the biggest names in sports. Explore our history through the stories of Shreveport’s Municipal Auditorium, the rich New Orleans music scene with Irma Thomas, Winnfield’s Louisiana Political Museum, and more, for some of the most memorable moments in Louisiana’s inimitable history.

Viewers will travel Louisiana far and wide and hear from an eclectic group of eyewitnesses and experts who help us along the way. National Geographic Magazine called Louisiana “the weirdest country in America.” This show proves it’s a moniker the residents wear with pride.


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