Tim Janis Celtic Heart 3 - COMBO: DVD, CD & Related CD

Tim Janis Celtic Heart 3 - COMBO: DVD, CD & Related CD

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Tim Janis Celtic Heart Program CD, Program DVD
with bonus song performances and behind the scenes footage,
plus Related CD: Time of the Trees
$96 one-time or $8/month for 12 months

The concert special TIM JANIS CELTIC HEART takes viewers on a journey through six Celtic regions, weaving images of the beautiful Celtic coast with sweeping, ethereal themes. Composer, conductor and two-time Billboard chart-topper Tim Janis performs his soothing new age instrumental music onstage with a stellar cast of musicians, including Celtic violinist Máiréad Nesbitt of Celtic Woman, Camille and Kennerly Kitt of The Harp Twins, flautist Eimear McGeown, and singers Lynn Hilary and Ella Roberts.

Program DVD Includes:

1. The Parting Glass
2. Merrily Kiss the Quaker/Denis Murphy's Slide
3. Isle of Skye
4. Fall of the Great Forest
5. Kid ar an Sliabh
6. Danny Boy
7. The Butterfly

8. Winter's Gate
9. Beyond the Evening Star
10. The White Forest
11. Oró Sé Do Bheatha Bhaile / The Miller of Glanmire
12. She Moved Through the Fair
13. The Ancient Woods
14. Celtic Heart

Program CD Bonus material:
1. Fairy Glen
2. Western Realms

Program DVD Bonus material:
1. The Ring of Brodgar
2. Light on the Sea
3. Spirit of the Trees

Celtic Heart CD Tracklist:

1. Fall of the Great Forest
2. Isle of Skye
3. The White Forest
4. Western Realms
5. Mountain at the River
6. Winter's Gate
7. The Ancient Woods
8. Fairy Glen
9. Shadow Glass

10. Beyond the Evening Star
11. Spirit of the Trees
12. Kid ar an Sliabh
13. Light on the Sea
14. Hidden Forest
15. Through the Mountains
16. The Light of Highland Meadow
17. The Ring of Brodgar
18. Spirit Lake
19. Celtic Heart


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