The Ultimate Pet Health Guide with Dr. Gary Richter 2 - Master Package

The Ultimate Pet Health Guide with Dr. Gary Richter 2 - Master Package

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The Ultimate Pet Health Guide with Dr. Gary Richter - Master Package

The Ultimate Pet Health Master Package includes:

* “The Ultimate Pet Health Guide” Book - Dr. Richter’s landmark book - which is an encyclopedic resource for optimum feline and canine health. In it, he details specific recommendations for the most common pet diseases, including allergies, skin conditions, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The book also includes 50 recipes, each specially designed by a pet nutrition expert to address issues ranging from weight management to diabetes. It's a one-stop guide for all your pet's nutritional and health needs.

* Ultimate Pet Health BONUS Q&A DVD - Dr. Richter answers pressing audience questions, including training tips for pets experiencing separation anxiety, the healthiest pet treats, and how to find an integrative veterinarian like Dr. Richter in your hometown.

* Travel Pet Bowl - Whether you travel with your pet or just enjoy taking long walks with them, this collapsible bowl is perfect for feeding your pet nutritious, whole foods on-the-go. Plus, the attached carabiner makes it easy to carry - just hook it on a leash, a belt, or a bag and it's off to the races!

* Quick Start Guide for Busy Pet Parents - This practical, easy-to-use booklet will help you implement the principles in the “Ultimate Pet Health Guide” special. It includes a step-by-step visual to transition your pet from kibble to whole foods, shopping and kitchen tool lists, and new recipes — not available in the book — for optimizing the health of both cats and dogs.

* Dr. Richter’s Easy Acupressure for Dogs / Easy Acupressure for Cats - Two posters (one for dogs and one for cats) that offer an illustrative guide to restorative acupressure techniques that you can use at home to help your pet feel better, be it calming nerves, improving digestion, and more!

* “Dr. Richter’s House Call” Course - an insightful, online course that includes:

Healing Massage for Your Dog or Cat — Dr. Richter offers a massage demonstration on both a cat and a dog so you can master these techniques yourself at home.

How to Give Your Cat or Dog an At-Home Health Check — In this potentially life-saving demonstration, Dr. Richter shows you how to spot trouble signs before they become more serious.

Identifying Health Issues (and what to do about them) - Dr. Richter draws on over two decades of veterinary expertise to explain many common symptoms you may notice in your cat or dog and walks you through the best ways to respond.

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