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Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul 1- Soulfire Live! Program DVD + Related CD

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Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul - Soulfire Live! Program DVD (60 minutes) + Related CD: Little Steven Soulfire. 
The Program DVD is a pledge EXCLUSIVE, available only through public television; not available in stores! 

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DESCRIPTION: LITTLE STEVEN AND THE DISCIPLES OF SOUL: SOULFIRE LIVE! is a live collection of electrifying rock and soul consisting of the best performances from their North American and European concerts, The collection feature Little Steven Van Zandt (Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band; The Sopranos) and his 15-strong band as they blast through an arsenal of songs spanning rock, pop, soul, blues, funk and everything in between. Songs include “Sweet Soul Music,” “I'm Coming Back,” “Soulfire,” and “I Don't Want To Go Home.”

For a $120 pledge, get the Program DVD PLUS
the Related CD: Little Steven Soulfire
Description: Steven Van Zandt, the longtime guitarist of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, actor on the TV hit series The Sopranos playing the role of Silvio, and programmer of SiriusXM satellite radio’s acclaimed Underground Garage channel, debuts his first solo album in 17 years. ’Soulfire’ is comprised of 12 songs including the title track, 'Saint Valentine's Day' and 'Love On The Wrong Side Of Town' written by Steven and Bruce Springsteen.

1. Soulfire
2. I'm Coming Back
3. Blues Is My Business
4. I Saw The Light
5. Some Things Just Don't Change
6. Love On The Wrong Side Of Town
7. The City Needs Tonight
8. Down and Out in New York City
9. Standing In The Line of Fire
10. Saint Valentine's Day
11. I Don't Want To Go Home
12. Ride The Night Away