Dutch Hop-2 Related CDs - $108
Dutch Hop 3 - Two Related CDs
Dutch Hop 3 - Two Related CDs
The River Boys by Request CD
The River Boys by Request CD Tracklist

Dutch Hop 3 - Two Related CDs

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Dutch Hop -Two Related CDs:

1. It's Party Time with the Polka Nuts CD
2. The River Boys by Request CD

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It's Party Time with the Polka Nuts CD Tracklist:

1.  Party Time Polka 4:29
2.  Silver Bells Polka 3:26
3.  Snow Waltz 5:01
4.  Theresa Polka 3:35
5.  Sugar Valley Polka 3:08
6.  Put Your Sweet Lips 4:08
  7.  Peanuts Polka 5:17
  8.  Baby Doll Polka 3:56
  9.  Waltz Across Texas 3:39
10.  Playboy Polka 4:32
11.  Julianne Polka 3:26
12.  Loving You 3:52

Total Length 48:20

The River Boys by Request CD Tracklist:

 1.  Chickens & the Roosters
 2.  Sock Knitting
 3.  Chicagoland Twirl
 4.  Goof Off Polka
 5.  Dance with my Aunt
 6.  Callers Waltz
 7.  By the Windmill
 8.  Molly Brown
 9.  Vernie's Special
10.  Polka Playboy
11.  Valley Polka

12.  Onion Lizzie
13.  Farmers Waltz
14.  Scottsbluff
15.  Getting Pickled
16.  Arnold's Special
17.  Behind the Stove
18.  Mock Wedding
19.  I'm so Tired
20.  Wenn Die Sonne Aufgeht
21.  Chinatown

Recorded March 2015 at the Not So Green Acres Studio, Ault, CO.

The River Boys:

Bob Schmer - Accordion
Joe Herman - Dulcimer 
Jerry Hergenreder - Trombone
Steve Deines - Bass

Bob Schmer began playing accordion when he was twelve. He learned to play Dutch Hop tunes by ear from older Nebraska musicians. In his earlier band, the Polka Playboys, Bob played with the late Albert Fahlbusch, winner of a 1984 National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship for both building and playing the hammered dulcimer. The Playboys received a Nebraska Governor’s Arts Award in 1992. Both Dave Beitz and Steve Deines come from families of Dutch Hop musicians, and Dave writes original tunes in the tradition. Steve and Jerry Hergenreder add vocals to some of the numbers. The families and friends of the band have kindly consented to demonstrate the authentic Dutch Hop dance step. All of the River Boys are veteran musicians whose love for the music and skill in performing it are readily apparent.