Brain Wash with David Perlmutter, MD 2 - Master Package

Brain Wash with David Perlmutter, MD 2 - Master Package

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Brain Wash with David Perlmutter, MD 2 - Master Package
(Choose DVDs/CDs or Digital Content)

(Hard cover book, TIME card and cookbook come with BOTH options. These are not available in digital or ebook versions to us at this time.)

$180 one time or $15 month/12 months 

- Hard cover book – Brain Wash: The Science of Reconnection

- Brain Wash Program DVD 

- 5 DVD Set:  1. Sleep, 2. Nature, 3. Stress/Meditation, 4. Exercise, & 5. Nutrition 

- 2 Audio CD Set:
1. Interpersonal Connection and the Value of Empathy  
2. Your Digital Detox

- T.I.M.E. card to remind ourselves of the importance of discretion when in front of a screen
– Time. How much time have you consciously allotted to accomplish the task.
– Intention. What is your intention and what do you hope to accomplish.
M– Mindful. Remain mindful during your online experience so you are subject to marketing efforts designed to pull you away.
E– Enriching. Ask yourself while online if what you’re viewing is actually a positive, enriching experience.

- Cookbook: “21 Recipes for Reconnection”

- Bonus Content DVD: FAQs with studio audience (not on program DVD)

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