Remote Control Retirement Riches with Adiel Gorel-1- Program DVD

Remote Control Retirement Riches with Adiel Gorel-1- Program DVD

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Remote Control Retirement Riches with Adiel Gorel - Program DVD

In Remote Control Retirement Riches, successful real estate investor Adiel Gorel reveals how to make low-risk, high quality single-family homes for rent investments – without having to become a full-time real estate mogul or harried landlord. For more than 30 years he’s shown thousands of busy people – and people without any real estate training – that creating “retirement riches” is much easier, and less time-consuming, than they ever imagined.

With a step-by-step, easy to follow plan, Adiel Gorel in this program shares his expert knowledge of rental single-family home investing and explains the efficient methods that will make it possible for viewers to invest and reap profits with minimal demands on their time – at any age.

In this program viewers will learn how to:

- Become a rental single family home investor without changing their lifestyle
- Use rental single family homes to finance retirement or even college tuition for their children or grandchildren
- Make the most of an investor’s tax benefits
- Build a multimillion-dollar rental single family home portfolio

Remote Control Retirement Riches offers a wealth-building program that can truly change lives while enabling people to live the life they really want. Experience in real estate is not required, and because Adiel guides novices through the process, the can “invest, then rest” with the comfort of knowing they’re building a retirement nest egg – or possibly an inheritance to leave their family – with a safe, secure investment.

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