Just One Thing with Steven Gundry, MD 1 - Program DVD

Just One Thing with Steven Gundry, MD 1 - Program DVD

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Just One Thing with Steven Gundry, MD - Program DVD

Program DVD: Dr. Gundry starts off the program with the best news of all: Aging is not linked, scientifically, with joint pain, memory loss, frailty and a host of other negative stereotypes of getting older. Based on researching the world’s longest living people, he explains why aging doesn’t have to equate to decline and loss of freedom. Dr. Gundry then reveals the ‘just one thing’ that leads to living well until a ripe old age. The program ends with a step-by-step approach to help us feel better and more youthful today while offering revolutionary, yet simple, methods to losing weight, reducing our need for medications and increasing our healthspan. (60 minutes)


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