The Path to Happily Ever After 2 - Master Package

The Path to Happily Ever After 2 - Master Package

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The Path to Happily Ever After with Rajiv Nagaich - Master Package

The Path to Happily Ever After Program DVD

What does it take to live “happily ever after” during your retirement years? That’s the question elder law attorney and retirement planning expert Rajiv Nagaich answers in The Path to Happily Ever After.

The Program DVD is a great a way to watch (and rewatch) Rajiv’s shocking revelations and piercing insights about the state of retirement planning in America. Drawing on his own family’s experience and that of thousands of clients during his 20+ years as an elder law attorney, Rajiv explains why traditional approaches to planning for housing during the retirement years fall short and shows how this failure results in 70% of American retirees being forced into institutional care. Rajiv offers a surprisingly simple solution to create a plan for housing that is seamlessly integrated with your plans for health, financial, legal, and family issues as you grow older. Rajiv shows you exactly what to do to achieve your most deeply held goals: living in the home of your choice (even if your health fails), without going broke, and without burdening your family. Rajiv has helped thousands of people find their path to happily ever after, and he can help you, too.

Life Planning Workbook

The Path to Happily Ever After Life Planning Workbook gives you a step-by-step guide to create your own LifePlan using the same process followed by thousands of Rajiv Nagaich’s clients. The Path to Happily Ever After Life Planning Workbook walks you through the planning process for housing, health, financial, legal and family issues in retirement, and offers a framework for all these elements to work in concert toward your most deeply held retirement goals. Use this workbook to get started on your plan to stay in the home you know and love throughout your retirement years—without being forced to move after a health crisis, without running out of money, and without becoming a burden on your family.

Home Fitness Quiz

Is the place you are living in today somewhere you could live out your later years—even if you develop an illness or disability that limits your mobility? This short assessment will help you discover the truth about your hopes remaining in the home you know and love during retirement. 

The LifePlan Portal by AgingOptions: 1 Year Free Access Coupon

Enjoy one year of free access to the nation’s most powerful online platform for creating, managing, sharing, and maintaining important information about your retirement plan. Your LifePlan Portal subscription includes unrestricted access to everything you need to create a LifePlan for retirement, including step-by-step guidance to create a plan to remain in control of your life as you age, expert-led online courses with videos, worksheets, and more in AgingOptions Academy, and connections with professionals and service providers in AgingOptions Resource Guide.

Your Retirement: Dream or Disaster?

This powerful new book by award-winning elder law attorney Rajiv Nagaich shows you how to keep your life in retirement from turning into a nightmare. Through stories, examples, and personal insights, Rajiv takes us along on his journey of expanding awareness about a shocking reality: millions of older Americans are sleepwalking their way into nursing homes, forced impoverishment, and humiliation, yet no one seems to notice or care. In Your Retirement: Dream or Nightmare? Rajiv Nagaich reveals the truth about the shortcomings of traditional retirement planning advice, including the deep disconnect between the goals you have for your retirement years and the goals the retirement planning industry has for you. Learn how hidden biases among professionals can land you in a nursing home even though you don’t want to be there, why Powers of Attorney create more burdens than they relieve, and more. If you want to grow old at home without going broke and without burdening your family, this book is a must-read. 

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