WLAE… We’re Local And Effective

I recently had to write a report for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The theme of the report was the local content and programming produced by WLAE. As I delved into the report, I soon began to realize that when you step back and take a look, at WLAE, we produce a large amount of local programming. Adding it all up came to over 10 hours a week. That’s over 40 hours a month. That’s over 480 hours a year. That’s a lot!

How do we accomplish all of this? Having a great staff of dedicated employees sure helps, but partnering with area businesses and organizations really makes all of this possible. Here are three key factors.

Local Value

For over 28 years, WLAE has been an essential part of New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana. Over the years, we have built a reputation for quality content that is both wholesome and trustworthy. The high level of need for accurate, unbiased, community-based programming in our region is critical. WLAE uses its production strengths in the areas of public affairs, health and education to affirm its value to the community.

Local Service

Many of our local programs address the community priorities listed in our strategic plan. From live “call in” shows about healthcare to informative panel discussions with government and civic leaders, WLAE strives to serve the region with content that viewers can use to better their lives.

Local Impact

“The Hello Health partnership between WLAE and Ochsner Hospital has proved very beneficial for our patients and physicians. Not only are we able to reach the public with valuable medical information on television, but also via website streaming and at our community outreach seminars.”
Susan M. Piglia, Director, Corporate Wellness at Ochsner

“Working with WLAE has been an enlightening and gratifying experience. Their professionalism is evident on every level, but so is their enthusiasm for the culture and beauty of Louisiana.”
Renee Kientz – V.P., Communications St. Tammany Tourist Commission

Be on the lookout for two new local productions coming to WLAE this summer. On Sunday, June 24th, the Go Coast: Louisiana series premieres and on Sunday, August 26th the much anticipated Glory Days – Part II will debut.

Happy Viewing!

Ron Yager
Vice President and General Manager WLAE-TV