2012 Year End Letter

Dear Friends:

Thank you! Your support of WLAE over the past year has allowed us to serve the New Orleans community and the people of Southeast Louisiana with quality programs and services that positively impact lives. Your investment in our mission has helped to educate at risk children get ready to learn, aided an underserved population with access to vital healthcare information and provided inspiration to the elderly and shut-ins with the broadcast of the daily Mass. Your generosity has also allowed WLAE to produce award winning documentaries and specials such as Glory Days: The Catholic League of New Orleans Part II and Go Coast: Louisiana, which will be seen nationally on public television stations next year.

In 2013, we want to continue our good work, but looming federal budget cuts present many new challenges. How can you help? Please consider a financial gift that can advance our valuable services and help secure our financial future. Give to keep WLAE strong. Our rewarding and important work benefits us all.

As the year winds down we hope that you will keep WLAE in prayer as you finalize your end of year charitable giving. For your convenience we have enclosed an envelope for your use.

All of us at WLAE wish you a happy, healthy and blessed Christmas season with a New Year filled with peace, hope and love.

With warm regards,

Rev. Thomas E. Chambers' Signature
Rev. Thomas E. Chambers
President, WLAE-TV

Ron Yager's Signature
Ron Yager
V.P & General Manager, WLAE-TV

P.S. Please help us to honor the memory of our founder, Archbishop Philip M. Hannan, as we continue the mission to educate, inform and inspire through television and digital media. Please give as generously as you can.